One Stop Platform for Businesses to Automate Your Workflows With Advanced AI Agents
  • Automate end to end Business Processes with Skepsi AI agents
  • Reduce Operational Costs & Save Time
  • Improve Employees' Engagement & Efficiency
Skepsi is a user friendly AI platform that can be easily used by businesses for end to end automation with only a basic understanding of process workflow.
Increase in productivity
ROI expected in 3 weeks
Reduction in cost operations
92% of business leaders responded that their expectation of cost reduction being met using AI automation.
Skepsi AI automation platform empowers your digital transformation. It helps you to easily discover, automate, evaluate and scale your AI automation agents from a single platform. Adopt an enterprise-wide automation strategy with complete control & visibility.
An efficient platform that permits parallel execution.
Cross-platform operative system that fits any company size.
Adapt seamlessly to evolving needs.
Utilize the industries' leading LLM's to best align with your use case and switch as necessary. The Skepsi AI automation platform is crafted as the most cutting-edge, open, cloud-native automation solution in the market, making it the ideal platform to implement generative AI across all systems.
  • You can easily integrate the apps your team already uses into Skepsi DOTE Process.
  • With lots of built-in DOTES available, your team's work requirements are mostly covered.
  • From CRMs to reporting to your app integrations - we have got workflows, functionalities and more!
  • For instance:
    • Outlook
    • Slack
    • Google Drive
    • Salesforce
    • Dropbox

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